This is the official website of SWADESHI JAGRAN MANCH (founded 1867)
An initiative of Hindu Samaj of India.
Defending Hinduism, Hindustan and its people since 1850

History of the Hindu nation's quest for Swadeshi (the movement for national independence in India through boycott of foreign goods and by promoting the usage of local goods)

In the 18th century, the Muslim rulers of Akhand Hindustan had gone weak and so a company of English traders took over Hindustan through force of arms, treachery of native princes and corruption. This caused the blood of Hindustan's patriots to boil over to defend their motherland from these foreign exploiters leading to creation of Brahma University in 1829 by Raja Rammohun Roy to expel foreigners violently.

Hindu Samaj was founded in 1850, as a development of the Tattwabodhini Sabha itself founded in October 1839. In 1866 the head of Hindu Samaj, Devendra Nath Tagore, gave a call to expel the heathen East India Company, Christian invaders and traders, out from India, which was published in the National paper of Hindu Samaj. The next year 1867, the Hindu Samaj organised the Hindu Mela to boycott foreign goods and use only swadeshi products of Hindustan.


Lt.Col. (Retd.) S.S.Thapa is the Co-convenor of the SWADESHI JAGRAN MANCH since Dec. 2021. A veteran of the Indian peace keeping force (IPKF) as also the Kargil war, Col. Thapa is a patriot of the highest degree, and well attuned to the field requirements of supplies for our fighting forces.

Professor J.P Sinha is also the Co-Convenor of the SWADESHI JAGRAN MANCH since Dec. 2021. Prof. Sinha has many books on Economics and History of India in the 19th and 20th centuries which led to wholesale exploitation of India's wealth to finance empires of England and Indian Maharajas.

IMPORTANT NEWS : Updates for the Swadeshi movement

Statements by Provost Rajendra Dalvi, Brahma University during the December 2021 session.

It has become clear to the whole world that the the struggle for true Swaraj has been obstructed by participation of some RSS workers in the Swadeshi movements, and as a direct result of their close association with the present government, virtually as mouthpieces and quislings.

The activities of these RSS workers was limited to issuing statements in the media purporting to oppose the FDI sell-out schemes of the government, but nothing was getting achieved after that since these RSS workers got fat patronages from the government. This has lowered the credibility of the Swadeshi movement and diluted our thrust for Purna Swaraj.

The entire focus of these RSS workers in last few years was directed to the benefit of the trader "bania' community BJP vote banks, while completely ignoring the indigenous defence and manufacturing sectors of India, where jobs are being lost at an alarming rate while the Indian nation is being sold out by few persons from Gujarat connected to a large corporate houses. The rising unemployment caused by the wholesale destruction of our indigenous high tech technology sector jobs by the present government in favour of low level unskilled assembly slave labour factories of USA-China Nazi axis is causing deep heart burn in the educated youth of this country who expected better from us.

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BRAHMA University is the second oldest university of undivided India, and is authorised to grant degrees by Imperial Charter of the Mughal Emperor Akbar II since 1829. As an ancient transnational private chartered university, and as the military arm of Hindu Samaj it has resisted, often violently, all attempts of national governments to overtake it or regulate its activities. Presently Brahma University is the oldest military university for training brahmacharya theological students in all aspects of waging holy war and defending Akhand Hindustan.